ZeroBaseOne goes beyond education. We give you the tools and resources to build and scale your business.

Our Story

Zero Base One was founded with the sole purpose to equip emerging entrepreneurs with the skills and tools necessary to succeed. What started as a Product Management course in 2015 taught by Chris Graham is now a stand alone immersive mentorship program. Our team is made up of advisors, business executives and entrepreneurs that bring a wealth of experience from various backgrounds.

ZB1 instructors are living it, while teaching it.


To equip emerging entrepreneurs with the skill set and tools necessary to succeed. We continuously aspire to push the envelope on the path to excellence.



    We embrace perpetual growth and constantly seeking to improve. Value creation over hype.


    Encourage open communication and the willingness to be vulnerable with others. Honesty over ego.


    Respectfully appreciate the strengths of others. Confidence over authority.


    A compulsion to act, and bust our asses doing it. Effort over talk.


    The tenacity to persist. Grit over fear.


  • Chris Graham

    Co-Founder / CEO

    I started my career in technology with HYFN running HYFN8, a social media advertising platform. At various stages I ran Client Services, Analytics, Sales Engineering, Marketing, and Ad Operations, but my heart has always been in Product. After making every mistake under the sun, I decided I wanted to help early stage ventures avoid the same pitfalls, which is why I founded ZeroBaseOne. I’ve now taught Product Management, Digital Marketing, and Entrepreneurship to hundreds of students, but I want that number to be thousands. Tens of thousands. I know how transformative it is to feel like your destiny is in your own hands, and my goal is to bring that to fruition for as many people as I can, especially in communities that have traditionally been poorly represented in technology such as women and minorities. When I’m not doing that you’ll probably find me reading, climbing, backpacking, at the beach, or tinkering with something I don’t understand. And still thinking about ZB1.

  • Taylor Adams


    I love being an entrepreneur and surrounding myself with entrepreneurs. Nothing shapes the character of a person quite like starting a company, and I have an insatiable appetite for helping founders grow themselves while they grow their businesses. The entrepreneurial journey is filled with obstacles and opportunities that can transform lives and I have the opportunity to play a role in that transformation as founder and Chairman of Noname Ventures and as a Co-founder of ZeroBaseOne. In my spare time, I teach entrepreneurship at Harvard-Westlake School and serve on the board of Homeboy Industries. I am passionate about human psychology and personal development, striving to help people build abundant and meaningful lives.