Zero Base One gives you the confidence and tools to make transformitive decisions about your future.


Over 6 weeks and 12 classes you will learn hands-on skills from proven entrepreneurs and industry experts that will take your company to the next level. Benefits include: exit packages valued at over $25,000 include free legal consultation from a firm specializing in fundraising for early stage ventures, AWS credits, discounted services from Trinet, a network and community of like-minded individuals, confidence, and a Startup Kit Tool Box of course materials and supplies.


What past students have said about us is pretty awesome.

  • Peter Khoury

    Founder and CEO of Cross Street

    "Being a founder of a startup was quite a challenge compared to my other successful business ventures. You have to accept all the limitations and uncertainties that come with being in the tech space. I found myself always in a vulnerable state trying to overstep my lines of power. Luckily, Chris & Taylor instilled in me the agile methodologies to trust the system, culture, and team that you have put in place. The mentorship really helped fit the puzzle pieces together. There are so many variables in a startup and without the knowledge from Chris & Taylor, you will make costly mistakes. I would certainly advise anyone taking this course to be ready for hands-on full engagement exercises. This class is a definite stepping stone to build your business on the right path."

  • Sky Kelley

    Founder and CEO, Avisare

    "The best way for me to describe Immersive Mentorship is a condensed MBA for start-ups at a fraction of the time & cost. It was an invaluable program for my startup team to take together giving everyone on the team a solid, holistic foundation for running a new company in an agile manner. In class we went into depth about product development, digital marketing, leadership, organizational development, building financial plans, sales, business strategy, and operations planning so that each team member could fill the gaps in their knowledge. This class truly made us better as a team and we found ourselves incorporating things that we learned right away after each class. The strong network of business leaders and achievers that No Name connects its students to is top notch, and Chris Graham is an incredibly gifted teacher and advisor blazing a new trail in education that is long overdue."

  • Past Student

    "It goes beyond the education you get in school about business and gets into a very detailed criteria of useful skills to implement into your own business (and life)."

  • Past Student

    "The problem is that people tend to solve problems in a reactionary way. This class teaches you to break that problem into symptoms and treat those first or prevent them from happening in the first place."

  • Past Student

    "This class takes you from imaginary, wondering or otherwise uncertain curiosity to clear and effective testing and execution of an idea."

  • Past Student

    "I learned things that I didn't know I needed to know and am now using every day. It also deepened my understanding of my role as a founder and CEO."

  • Past Student

    "It provided me with the road-map to build a successful business. Now it's about execution. It gave me a deeper understanding of processes and a great refresher on applicable best practices to execute day-to-day tasks."

  • Past Student

    "As a non-product manager, it gives you relevant information for managing a company, building teams, and introducing industry accepted methodologies for product focused efforts."